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July 2018

 IASP President Judith A. Turner, PhDSummer is traditionally a time to take a break and relax, but IASP staff and volunteers have been very busy working towards our mission of stimulating and supporting the study of pain and translating that knowledge into improved pain relief worldwide.

I am pleased to share that IASP recently awarded $180,000 to recipients of our Collaborative Research grants, Developing Countries Projects: Initiative for Improving Pain Education grants, and John J. Bonica Trainee Fellowship.

Read more from IASP President Judith A. Turner, PhD.

  IASP News

Dr. Christopher Donnelly Announced as 2018 John J. Bonica Trainee Fellowship Recipient
IASP has chosen a post-doctoral fellow to receive funding of up to US$50,000 annually for two years.

IASP Gives US$50,000 for Pain Education Projects in 7 Developing Countries
IASP has awarded seven teams of pain professionals in six developing countries.

Announcing our 2018 Collaborative Research Grant Winners
IASP has awarded US$15,000 each to two outstanding global teams.

Volunteer for an IASP Working Group or Committee Deadline is Friday, July 13
Join a committee or working group or volunteer your skills and expertise on a special project.

IASP to Kickoff the 2018 Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education Webinar Series
July 12 - Including Qualitative Research in Pain Education featuring free eBook
July 25 - Abdominal & Pelvic Pain: Scientific Progress Vis-à-vis Clinical Evaluation and Management

IASP Latin American Pain Management Camp Applications Due August 15
IASP is sponsoring the 3
rd PMC Camp in Santiago, Chile, November 19-22, 2018.

Featured Graduate Opportunity: 2018 WFSA Pain Management Observership
IASP has updated our listing of programs offered for continuing education in pain.

Make the Most of Your IASP Membership Benefits
Spotlight on: Renew your IASP Membership for Two Years!
Did you know? You can renew your membership online for two years.  Save time and money: two-year members receive a 10% discount on membership fees.

Become an IASP Champion!
IASP is thrives because of your support and your connection to the community. In the first half of 2018, 282 new members joined because they were referred by a colleague, mentor, or friend. 
Thanks to 203 people in our IASP Hall of ChampionsMembers like you are driving the future of IASP and the entire field. Our champions represent 32 countries from all over the globe. Thank you for your continued support and if you have not  already,  please refer a friend today!

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Download Your World Congress on Pain Digital Badge!Are you attending or presenting at the World Congress? Tell everyone! Download one or an assortment of pre-sized social media digital badges that say, “I’m Attending,” “I’m Speaking,” or “I’m Presenting.” Pinning or posting the badge to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profiles alerts registered and potential pain professionals that you will be learning the latest pain research and skills in Boston, September 12-16, 2018.
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Apply Today for the IASP Pain Research Forum Science Communications Training Program!
PRF Correspondents ProgramThe purpose of this program is to provide students and early-career pain investigators with the knowledge and skills they need to communicate science effectively to a wide range of pain researchers and to patients and the broader public. Working closely with the PRF editors, successful applicants will gain valuable science communications experience by conducting interviews and podcasts with World Congress speakers, writing summaries of lectures and scientific sessions, and producing other content. Submit your application today!

Satellite SymposiaRegister Today for Satellite Symposia!
These 13 intensive deep-dives examine a single urgent or best-practice pain topic. 
Preview the symposiaSign up during the World Congress registration process. As part of your SIG membership benefits, current SIG members pay discounted registration rates for many of the symposia.

Friends Make Great Learning Partners—Invite a Colleague to Come to World Congress!
World Congress on PainThere’s nothing like a colleague to make learning more meaningful, fun, and relevant, so it shouldn’t be surprising that in past years, more than 35 percent of attendees learned about the World Congress from a work friend or acquaintance first. 
Help your peers and friends build their careers and skills in pain management while giving IASP a boost by spreading the word about this important event. IASP has taken nearly all the work out of it for you by drafting this email invitation for you to use—just tweak, address, and send! Thank you for helping us make the World Congress more successful than ever by reaching out with your personal invitation to multidisciplinary clinicians, academics, researchers, and trainees involved in relief of pain.

Multidisciplinary Poster Presentations Available Soon!
2018 Scientific Program - Poster PresentationsWe know you love them—poster sessions, that is! Past World Congress participants report that poster sessions are the second-highest-ranking reason they attend. In response, the World Congress this year offers more than 2,200 multidisciplinary posters showcasing emerging pain science and techniques.
 The full poster schedule will be posted later this month. If you are already registered for the World Congress, begin building your personal schedule with topical workshops, plenary sessions, refresher courses, and satellite symposia.

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A Registry of Pain Registries

Ten years ago the first talk about pain registries was presented at the 2008 IASP World Congress in Glasgow. In the decade since, the initial skepticism about this approach to creating evidence and improving care in pain management, alongside Randomized Controlled Studies, has changed.

IASP members have now developed and are running registries in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Israel, using the information to assess and improve patient care, advocate change in treatment policies, carry out research, and provide teaching. This is a young field and community.

Are you a member of this community? If not but you want to learn more about the methodology and/or think a registry in a certain area is needed, please alert IASP via this very short survey by its International Pain Registry Working Group.

We will use the survey information to:

  • Expand the community of registry users within IASP;
  • Inform IASP members that resources are available;
  • Shape future activities so they reflect needs of IASP members and their patients;
  • Discuss the need to increase the versatility of topics addressed by registry developers and users;
  • Review whether registry work is achieving its goals of advancing quality of patient care, shaping policies, and sharing research and education.

We will present preliminary survey findings at a workshop during the World Congress on Pain in Boston in September 2018. This will be followed by preparing a manuscript that we plan to submit to a peer-reviewed journal. 

Please access the survey here. Thank you for your participation.

  2018 Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education

2018 Global Year for Excellence in Pain EducationRegister Today for our 2018 Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education Webinars!

Including Qualitative Research in Pain Education
Thursday, July 12 from 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM Eastern (US) Time
Featuring the IASP Global Year Qualitative Resource, a free eBook titled "Including Qualitative Research in Pain Education" 

Abdominal and Pelvic Pain: Scientific Progress Vis-à-vis Clinical Evaluation and Management
Wednesday, July 25 from 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM Eastern (US) Time 

Learn more about the Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education. View upcoming webinars.

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  IASP Journals

PAIN JournalDid you know? Single sign-on allows you to login to with your IASP username and password. The benefit of single sign-on is that you have a better online reading experience and increased security, while reducing the need to remember multiple passwords.

The July PAIN cover illustrates the finding that sustained and repeated mouth opening leads to an increased deposition of Safranin O-stained proteoglycan at the articular surface of the temporomandibular joint in mice. View article.

Editor's Choice articles from the July issue of PAIN

The stress regulator FKBP51: a novel and promising druggable target for the treatment of persistent pain states across sexes (VIDEO)

Dilute lidocaine suppresses ectopic neuropathic discharge in dorsal root ganglia without blocking axonal propagation: a new approach to selective pain control

Quantitative sensory testing after macroreplantation: evidence for a specific somatosensory profile (VIDEO)

Temporal dynamics of pain: an application of regime-switching models to ecological momentary assessments in patients with rheumatic diseases (VIDEO)

Chronic pain impairs cognitive flexibility and engages novel learning strategies in rats

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PAIN ReportsDid you hear? PAIN Reports has been accepted for indexing in SCOPUS and in PubMed CentralHave you checked out the new "Subjects" page on the PAIN Reports website? Click on the subject heading to see the complete list of articles published in each of the 14 topics.

Articles from the May/June issue of PAIN Reports

Editor’s Choice: Neuropathic pain drives anxiety behavior in mice, results consistent with anxiety levels in diabetic neuropathy patients

PAIN: Clinical Updates featuring 2018 Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education:
Interprofessional pain education—with, from, and about competent, collaborative practice teams to transform pain care

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  IASP Pain Research Forum & RELIEF News

Pain Research Forum (PRF)

When Touch Causes Itch: A New Role for Merkel Cells in the Skin
A recent mouse study identifies cells that regulate alloknesis through Piezo2

A Molecular Complex Within the Brain Underlies Opioid Tolerance in Rodents
Disrupting the interaction among opioid receptors, vasopressin receptors, and beta-arrestin-2 offers a potential strategy to slow tolerance in humans, though questions remain

Modeling Discogenic Low Back Pain in the Tails of Rats—And Treating It, Too
Hyaluronic acid hydrogel biomaterial prevents pain caused by intervertebral disc injury at the base of the tail

2018 Congress Award WinnersIASP Congress Award Winners:

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RELIEF News Pain Research News, Insights, and Ideas

NIH Announces HEAL Initiative to Combat Opioid Crisis
Pain research gets a boost in funding as part of the effort

Researchers Create a Game Plan to Study and Treat Chronic Pain
One part of the Federal Pain Research Strategy focuses on why pain becomes chronic—and how a fuller understanding may lead to better therapies

When the Immune System Attacks Its Own Proteins, Pain Can Emerge
Patients with autoantibodies against the protein CASPR2 have hyperexcitable nerve cells

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