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• Medals commemorating the War of 1812 (p. 34)

• The legalities of owning 1933 double eagles (p. 42)

• A Magnentian hoard discovered in England (p. 49)

• The 1936 Columbia sesquicentennial half dollar (p. 56)

• Alexandria solidi of Justinian I (p. 65)


• Jim Wells
• Q. David Bowers
• Anthony Wilson
• Carl Stang
• Harlan Berk
• John J. Kraljevich Jr.
• Jake Sherlock
• Wendell Wolka

. . . and, of course, your favorite monthly columnists:

Q. David Bowers  •  Rod Gillis  •  Jerry Cestkowski  •  David Lange  •  Nancy Oliver & Richard Kelly •  Mitch Sanders   •  Chris Shappell

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